Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset for XBox 360

Way back in August I got the opportunity to review the Tritton Trigger Stereo Headset for the XBox 360.  My boys both love them, and the fact that they can also attach them to their iPods is a huge bonus.

Soon after receiving them, my gaming mad husband got offered the Daddy’s version of the headset to review – the Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset.  Both these headsets are part of the new range of Tritton official XBox 360 headsets and, is part of the only official licensed headsets available for the XBox 360 from Mad Catz.
Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset
I will give you the techy stuff first…….The Detonator is created with the highest quality 50mm Neodymium magnet speakers enabling a high fidelity game and chat audio to be pumped out with rich bass and crisp highs.  Adjustable chat volume and game volume is available on-the-fly, enabling you to easily fine-tune your audio experience within your grasp.
As with the Trigger you can effortlessly convert the Detonator headset into portable headphones by disconnecting the in-line audio controller and plugging the 3.5mm jack directly into your device, such as mobile phones or MP3 players.
Tritton Detonator Stereo Headset
When not communicating over Xbox Live and just listening to music, a headset’s microphone only gets in the way.  The problem is solved with the Detonator’s removable solution; it provides the freedom to use the mic only when necessary and when privacy matters most, the mute feature allows you to easily turn the mic on and off as needed.

The Detonator headsets are fully compatible with any XBox 360 console and come supplied with all the required cables and adaptors to connect to legacy or current-gen consoles either connected to a display via HDMI or component/VGA/composite.

What did hubby think?
The headphones are bigger than their little brother, the Trigger, and therefore perfect for older teens and adults.  They are comfortable to wear, even after a long period of time and the sound quality is excellent.  Hubby remarked that game play was very realistic when wearing these and could even hear bullets whizzing past his ear or fans cheering loudly during Fifa! Apparently the best bit is the clarity in the commentary on Fifa – so much clearer than the TV!

The ear cups are soft and pliable and are so could at keeping ambient sounds at bay, that he couldn’t hear me shouting to him that his dinner was ready.  It also means that I can’t hear the sounds coming from his headphones, which has been annoying in the past.

The cabling provided is really long, which I do see as a problem – mainly as it means that he can do his gaming on the main television and lounge around on the sofa preventing me from watching my TV doing the housework.

The other good thing about having both these headsets in the house, is that now the boys can have one each so there are no arguments!  Callan had wanted a pair of Dr Dre beats (nope I have not heard of them either), but even he admits that these are just as good, and at £40 are very reasonably priced!

If you have gaming mad children, teens and a hubby then I highly recommend these headsets.  The Trigger is perfect for the slightly younger gamer and the Detonator is perfect for older teens and adults!

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