Living with Teens

I feel like I have been a bit absent from my blog recently.

The challenges of two with chickenpox certainly hasn’t helped and we have had all our fencing replaced, which meant the entire weekend was spent by me painting fences, with a little help along the way.

The older kids were so keen to help (at first), and one by one they snuck inside – the call of Skylanders or a film on the TV was far too strong.  Eliza on the other hand was so keen to help she ended up covered in green fence paint – in the end I sent her inside for the boys to look after her.

Thankfully, my eldest daughter arrived and helped which made the arduous job a little easier and much more fun – however I soon became a grumpy mum.

Why, when left to their own devices, do teens seem to make just the most incredible mess?

I am the first to admit that my house certainly isn’t spotless and at times it does look like an advert for a toy shop, but I don’t tolerate empty sweet / crisp / biscuit wrappers on the floor.  They insisted on bringing duvets and pillows downstairs to curl up with on the sofa, but when I ask them to take them back upstairs I am met with grunts and groans.

Why, do they seem incapable of stacking a dishwasher, washing up or even just wiping the worktop after they have made themselves a snack?

Why can’t they change a toilet roll – it isn’t rocket science!!  In fact, why can’t they flush the toilet too (and leave the lid down?

I feel like I am turning into a nag, which is the last thing I want, but a little bit of help and compromise really does go a long way!

Oh, and keeping an eye on your sister means you play with her – not ignore her and shout when she gets in the way of the TV!!

So, to my gorgeous kids – if you read this, please help me keep the house tidy and clear up after yourselves.

Thank you


Your very tired Mum!!

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