My Childhood Favourite Toys

Watching the little ones playing with their favourite toys, it made me think back to what I played with all those years ago.

Do you remember any of these?

The Fisher Price Chatter phone – I have great memories of pulling this along behind me using the yellow plastic cord and making pretend phonecalls to my family and toys.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone

Then their was the Fisher Price Pull Along Dog, with its tail on a spring with a green bead on the top.  I used to zoom along the lounge with this, desperate to make the tail waggle!

Fisher Price Pull Along Dog

And finally – The Fisher Price Record player.  I drove my mum mad with this, constantly playing my favourite nursery rhymes on the bright colourful plastic discs.  I remember being fascinated by how it all worked and what made the music come out.

Fisher Price Pull Record Player

The one thing all these toys have in common, is that they were made by Fisher Price who are still going strong today, but this time with all modern toys.  I have seen a revamped Chatter Phone in the shops though.

I adore this Fisher Price iPhone case.  My little ones are forever stealing my phone to play games or watch nursery rhymes and I am terrified they will drop it and break it, and this solves the problem. 

High on Isaac’s Christmas wishlist is the Fisher Price Batcave from their Imaginext range.

If you are looking for some ideas for toys that encourage learning and creativity check out the Fisher Price website or the video below which has some of the Fisher Price Favourite in that many parents will recognise.

2 thoughts on “My Childhood Favourite Toys”

  1. Had all three of those toys – back in the Dark Ages 😉
    My son has the Batcave and I can thoroughly recommend it. Both boys still play with it, using all their action figures.
    The iPhone holder is genius. Great idea for the little ones.


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