Meet “Later”, “Tech Addict”, “I’m Not Naughty” and “No Eliza”!

This morning, after reading a brilliant post by @stressymummy called Introducing “In a minute” and “For God’s Sake” I decided that I would add my own take on this.

Let me introduce you to “Later”!  Later is 15 and very much in the throes of the Kevin & Perry behaviours.  Asking him to do anything results in grunts, groans and a mumbled “Later”.  His idea of helping out with the little ones involved sitting in front of the TV watching his programs and then shouting at them if they dare get in his way.  Later is also incapable of making his own bed, or drawing his curtains – all far too much effort apparently!

Then there is “Tech Boy”!  We made the mistake of buying him a smart phone for his birthday.  Tech Boy is incapable of doing anything without some form of gadget in his hand.  Gadgets are banned from his bedroom at bed time and he has to be frisked (literally) before he makes the move up to his bed.  As soon as he is up and dressed, some form of technology is in his hand, be it a phone or an iPod.  Tech boy wonders why it takes him so long to make his lunch in the morning but won’t have it that it is because he is trying to do it one handed whilst watching some YouTube video of a game!! 

Tech Boy also has major strops if his tech is removed, for example, when he is eating his dinner.  He has been known to flounce off and scream and shout that we are “So Unfair”.  When we remove one form of gadget, you can guarantee within a couple of minutes that another one has found its way into his hands.

Then there is “Naughty”.  Naughty is 4 years old and if something or someone hasn’t done what he wants then it is Naughty.  Naughty, however, never does anything that is remotely wrong and takes huge offence to being told off, and can often be heard shouting “I’M NOT NAUGHTY” at hundreds of decibels, despite us witnessing him pushing over his sister or snatching a toy.

And finally, meet “No Eliza”.  Eliza is going through a normal toddler phase of pulling hair, snatching toys and climbing.  I have been trying to teach the mindees to say “No Eliza” if she tries to take something, but this has just resulted in my very clever girl repeating “No Eliza” to herself frequently.  It is actually very cute, but not quite the reaction I was hoping for!!
So go on, tell us your child’s nicknames……………………………….

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  1. Brilliant!! That all sounds very familiar, particularly the gadget in hand obsession. I love that you have to frisk him before you go to bed!! Glad I inspired you, that really made me laugh!


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