Wimborne Food Festival 2012

This weekend we attended Wimborne Food Festival, and like last year had an absolutely fantastic time.

The event is well organised, well set out and ultimately fun – for all ages!

Last year at the kids show event, we were lucky enough to meet Mr Bloom and his veggies and this year it was the turn of the Rhyme Rockets. 

We got there about half an hour before the show started and was surprised to be the first in the queue.  We said Hello to Andy and Joe before the show, although I am pretty sure that the kids didn’t recognise them out of their costumes.

We were lucky enough to be sat at the front, ready for the exuberant duo to begin, and they didn’t disappoint.  They bounded into the room, with all sorts of paraphernalia as were apparently on holiday on earth.  Unfortunately they were too much for Eliza, who began wailing almost straight away, but the older boys were loving it.

After introducing themselves as First Office Ditty and Professor Poet they launched into a slapstick routine with much singing and messing about.  Soon they had kids screaming “BLAST OFF” at the top of their lungs and then an inevitable custard pie in the face!

If I am honest, Rhyme Rockets is probably one of my least favourite CBeebies programmes, but Andy and Joe had my 4 year old (who is learning rhyming at school) shouting out the answers to rhyming words, and even spoke directly to him to say Well Done.  Cue one very proud little boy!! You can also see him getting a thumbs up here for shouting “Blast Off”: 
The rest of the festival didn’t disappoint either.  There were a few spots of rain here and there, but the atmosphere was electric.
There was lots of food and drink to sample – the coffee smelled divine and I caught myself wishing I had a coffee machine.  The local people, both shops and businesses, really threw themselves into the event by staging a scarecrow hunt.  The children loved trying to spot the various scarecrows and have been entered into a prize draw to win goodies.

As well as the wonderful produce on offer, there were bands, individual buskers and even folk dancers to keep us entertained.  One of our favourites was the folk dancers, and we were all happily jigging and clapping along!

We also found a traditional funfair with an old favourite!

Wimborne is a beautiful town, which we love to visit quite regularly and when it comes to festivals, they really do know how to stage them!!

We came away well stocked with fresh meat, sausages, vegetables and even fresh curry sauces as well as herbs and spices.  Plus the children ended the day full of good food and fresh air – what more could you want?

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4 thoughts on “Wimborne Food Festival 2012”

  1. I love the look of your festival, something for everyone there and plenty to keep the kids occupied. A perfect family day out and looks like you just got away with it with the rain too! We love the Cornish town shows and festivals too, so much to see and do. Well done to your 4 year old, a lesson in how to get boys engaged in learning!

  2. Wow! So much going on that’s great. I love the Scarecrow hunt looks very cool. Enjoyed watching your videos! My wee man has not been to a festival as yet…hopefully next year!


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