My Ariel Competition

Have you seen the My Ariel campaign, currently running on TV?

The My Ariel campaign includes a series of TV ads that focus on people’s relationships with their clothes. One ad sees two brothers in their flat; the younger one is preparing for a night on the town. He puts on his favourite lucky shirt,  which he washes with Ariel Liquitabs to keep him looking irresistible all year round!
Ariel wanted to explore just how powerful the ‘date shirt’ really was and surveyed 2000 Brits to discover that British women are more likely to accept a drink from a man wearing a purple shirt, than from a man wearing a pink shirt! The stats are conclusive:
· 36% would accept a date from a man dressed in a purple shirt
· 2nd with 32% were man wearing the black ‘milk tray man’ look
· 3rd, with just 13% was the classic crisp white shirt
· 4th/ 5th were blue & pink taking just 11% and 6% of the votes
If you want to see some amusing videos of this experiment, then check them out here!
I have been challenged to put this purple shirt theory to the test!
I have been sent a purple shirt as well as a pink and a white one and have to carry out a small experiment.  I have to ask a man in my life, whether it be my partner, son, brother or best friend, to wear the purple shirt when he next has a ‘date night’ and let Ariel know whether the purple shirt really is a winner, or if the pink or white was luckier in love?
To make sure the feller is looking his best for the evening, I have also been sent some trusty Ariel detergent and Ariel Stain Remover to keep his shirt looking bright all year round.
Ariel are also offering one of my readers a chance to take part in the challenge and are offering a pack to give away on my blog.  (Pack contains one white, one pink and one purple shirt in the size of your choice, plus Ariel Excel Gel 592ml and Ariel Stain remover 1kg) 
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    71 thoughts on “My Ariel Competition”

    1. I think date night should exist in every household! Although our date night = getting pissed in the pub once a month! So jeans & t-shirt are usually the key! I wish he made a bit more effort sometimes sigh

    2. Date what? It’s been ages that we’ve gone out together as we don’t have a babysitter, but he likes a nice shirt and a v-neck jumper…


    3. Date-night are reserved for “my shirts”. The ones that I like and buy-so the flowered, unique shirts. The ones he doesn’t wear whilst out with the boys as it makes him the target and butt of all the jokes for the night.

      By the way I have GREAT taste!

      I did watch 2 video’s but didn’t hear the boy call the shirt anything-so went with the video title-hope that is right?!


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