Those Little things that really FRUSTRATE ME!!!!

I have been tagged by the ever so lovely Sonya Cisco in a meme started by MummyofManyTalents about what really winds me up.

I have to admit reading theirs, a lot of mine are very similar, but here goes:

  • People that don’t squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom – I know it is a really silly little thing, but it is always me that has to spend time in the morning rectifying the issue so I can brush my teeth!
  • People that do not change the toilet roll when it runs out, or leave on sheet there to ensure that they don’t have to go to the effort!
  • Home Shopping Trolleys in the supermarket – one at a time I can cope with but two, three or more in the same aisle with the assistants having a chin wag – AAaarrrgggghhhhh!!
  • Queue Jumpers – need I say more?
  • Cars that see a queue and speed up the inside / outside lane and then expect you to let them in!
  • When my blogger doesn’t work, which seems to be happening with more frequency these days – can’t seem to re size photographs or even paste links in!
  • When my children seem incapable of clearing up after themselves whether it be bedroom / bathroom or kitchen and leave it for me!
  • The neighbours playing loud music.  If we ever get the chance to move house I will be buying a detached house!
  • Bin men that leave wheelie bins in the middle of the payment so I have to either move them or push the buggy into the road……..and then there are the cars that insist on parking on the pavement so I can’t get through.
  • My boys, who whatever the weather refuse to wear their coats out.  Why?
  • And finally – dog owners who refuse to poop a scoop and leave the mess to be trodden in.  If I ever catch you, I will have you scrubbing my buggy and shoes as it is a foul and disgusting thing to have to do.


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