CBeebies the Album – Review

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of CBeebies and find most of their shows and their presenters are hugely entertaining, as do the children.
We have a couple of CD’s that the kids enjoy, namely Hands Up by Justin Fletcher and a Nursery Rhyme album, also sung by Justin and having listened to them millions many times, I was starting to wish for a change.
Imagine my excitement when I was asked to review CBeebies the album!!  It is packed full of all those songs  your kids know and love.  Its first outing was in my car, taking the children to the local petting farm, which is about a 45 minute drive from house.
Song 1 – Justin’s House theme tune, had them bouncing and singing along at the top of their voices.  Having not listened to the album before we then proceeded to make a game of guess the next song, which was actually more difficult than it sounds, but perfect entertainment for a long drive.
I wouldn’t say the album kept them quiet, as they were grooving and singing in the back of the car, but it kept them entertained.  
There are 2 CD’s each containing 25 tracks, including the Summer and Winter songs and my personal favourites – Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon and The Time has come to say Goodnight which signals bedtime in our house.  CD1 is mostly theme songs, whilst CD2 contains other tracks from the shows, as well as a few more theme songs.
CD2 was listened to on the portable karaoke machine.  It wasn’t a quiet activity – the machine has two microphones and boy did those children sing their hearts out – but they absolutely loved it.

The CD is a perfect stocking filler, a great addition to a kids party or even to keep them quiet(ish) in the car.  The only thing missing for me is the number raps!!

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