Bobbles, Tins and all sorts of things

There are times when someone mentions something that whisks you back off to your childhood and not a care in the world, and the other day it happened to me.

Bizarrely someone just mentioned the words “Hair Bobbles”

As a child of the 70s I distinctly remember having my hair divided into bunchies and tied with an array of multicoloured hair bobbles, which my mum painstakingly tied to ensure they were facing the right way – not that I was fussy – honest!

I used to love bouncing into school with my hair all tied back and then comparing bobbles with the other girls.

Then there were the parents of children all talking about the words their children were bringing home from school to learn.

I had my words in my Grandad’s old Golden Virginia tobacco tin. It got battered in my old school bag, but I loved it and the still remember the distinctive smell ever time I opened it to learn my new set of words.

As I got older I began to collect things and the collectors items of choice when I was at school were rubbers – not that you can call them that these days.

I had big ones, little ones, scented ones, animals shapes, flowers, hearts, you name it and no-one was allowed to use them! Thinking back it was a very bizarre thing to collect and to this day I don’t know what happened to them.

Do you remember the playground games?

French Elastic was always my favourite and I am sure that if it ever became an Olympic Sport I would have won hands down!!

Then there was:

British Bulldog
Pom Pom 123
Hand Clapping – the faster and more intricate the better!
Lolo ball

I do wonder when my children look back what they will remember.  I just hope its not Mario Kart, Call of Duty and all things technology!!

3 thoughts on “Bobbles, Tins and all sorts of things”

  1. I had a Lolo ball and I was so good at it!

    I also had a huge ice cream tub full of rubbers – and nobody could touch them!

    Nice post x

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