Pop Party 10 – A Review

I was sent Pop Party 10 to review, which instantly made me feel old as I remember Abbey begging me to buy the first one many years ago!

Now I am the first to admit that I am no longer up together with chart music anymore, but I am aware of every artist on this album, and you could even find my toes tapping to most of the songs.
The album is perfect for tweens and teens that like their pop music.  Kian was instantly dancing around the lounge as the first track is Gangnam Style by Psy and if you are planning on having a Christmas get together I can guarantee you will all be singing along to most of the tracks!

I was impressed that the album also comes with a DVD of the music videos for 13 of the tracks, and there is also a behind the scenes video of Justin Bieber – Boyfriend, if you have a daughter obsessed by him and for your boys there is a behind the scenes video of The Saturdays.

A great stocking filler for your kids, which you could borrow when they are at school and boogie around the house whilst doing the housework!

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