Stuart the Bug Eating Man – Calvin Innes

Stuart The Bug Eating Man by Calvin Innes – A Tiny Twisted Tale
Stuart The Bug Eating Man is about a man with an unusual taste for all things creepy and crawly. He likes nothing better than munching on a centipede sandwich or guzzling down a tall frosty glass of liquidised slug. Unfortunately his family don’t share his taste in snacks.
We were sent this book to review, and although the book is a little young for Kian (12) he enjoyed reading it to his little brother, whom could be heard shouting “Yuk” and “Ewww” at regular intervals.

Kian reading Stuart the Bug Eating Man to Isaac

The book is all written in short rhymes, and is great for teaching boys that rhyming can be fun, even if it was about a liquidised Slug being drunk from a mug and there are only four lines on every page, so it is great for those just starting to read.  Isaac was certainly keen to find out what Stuart ate next, and I intend on reading this with him once he starts reading books of this level.
The illustrations are fantastic, and really add to the story despite being black and white.  It is not a book for the squeamish and I would say suits children that really love their creepy crawlies!

I would recommend this book for age 5 and up and my only tip is don’t read it just before dinner!!

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