Two Funerals and a Christening

I have been feeling a little melancholy over the last couple of weeks, and it took me a while to put my finger on it.

My family has taken a bit of a battering over the last few weeks, firstly hubby was made redundant and I am thankful that he pretty much walked straight into a new job.

Then we lost my sister, whom at 37 is a year younger than me.  It took a month of tests before we could say our goodbyes, as the powers that be wanted to find a cause of death, but they finally admitted that all they could establish was it was a heart attack.

We finally had her funeral on Thursday and I was so proud of my little brother writing her a beautiful poem and managing to read it out to the congregation.  It was a beautiful service and so many of her colleagues came to send her off, which was very moving!

The day before her funeral, my other step-sister lost her dad, also to a heart attack, and whilst he is not a close relative it is still a shock.

On a more pleasant note, we also attended the Christening of Isabella Emie who is my husband’s cousin’s daughter (I think that makes her a second cousin, although I never understand how it works), which was a lovely peaceful day, followed by drinks with his family nearby.  It was a really lovely day out, despite me almost passing out at the cost of drinks (I don’t get out much), and the kids really enjoyed themselves in the pub’s play area!

I am hoping that’s it for this year as I am pretty sure I can’t take much more bad news. It has really hit home that life is precious and you should grab it with both hands and enjoy it, as you never know what might happen tomorrow!

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