Funky Watch Review

I first heard of FunkyWatch on twitter and immediately thought they would stock just watches, however, when I looked into them further I was delighted to discover that they stock a wide range of products for the young people in our lives.

I cannot say too much as you never know who might stumble across my blog, but FunkyWatch do stock the most fantastic watches too, and I have my eye on one for one of my brood, whom shall remain nameless.  Not only do they stock character watches, but time teach watches and ones perfect for teens too!

I got chatting to @Funkywatch on twitter after enquiring if a watch would be suitable for one of the children and found them most helpful.  They kindly offered me a Tyrrell Katz Pirate Backpack to review.

The bag was intended for Isaac who started school in September, but someone else had other ideas, and insisted on putting it on her back and parading around the lounge.

Eliza loved modelling the bag, but to give her credit she did hand it over to Isaac when he got home from school (after some bribery with his Gruffalo bag).

The bag is bright and colourful with pictures of lots of pirates on it, and has received lots of wonderful comments since Isaac started using it as his school bag.

The bag is plenty big enough to hold Isaac’s Book-bag and PE Kit without swamping him or being to heavy. From me or the buggy being the normal dumping ground for bags, Isaac insists on carrying this everyday too – plus it is showerproof too (always a bonus with our Great British weather)
The other Tyrrell Katz bags are just a funky and I love the Knight one, and the cupcakes for the girls.  Funky Watch also stock Paul Frank, Hello Kitty, GorJuss and Disney, plus many more and all at reasonable prices – perfect for stocking up on Christmas presents to give Santa and his elves a helping hand.
You can also find Funkywatch on facebook and twitter for more news, new products and offers.

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