Mummy Constant Gruffalo Competition Entry

We adore the Gruffalo in this house and a Gruffalo Trunki is one of the hard wished for items on Isaac’s Christmas lists.

The gorgeous Mummy Constant has a fab Gruffalo Trunki competition and here is my verse:

A Mouse took a stroll through the deep dark wood
A Bat sensed the Mouse and the Mouse smelt good.
“Where are you going to little brown Mouse, come and have tea in my musty Cave house”
“It’s terribly kind of you Bat, but No – I’m having tea with the Gruffalo!”

“A Gruffalo, what’s a Gruffalo?”
“Why didn’t you know?
He has ears sprouting hairs as sharp as razors
And eyes that glare green and bright like lasers”
“Where are you meeting him?”
“Right here, by this knoll
And his favourite food is Bat Casserole!”

“Bat Casserole” The Bat did exclaim
And off he flew, never to be seen again.
“Silly old Bat, doesn’t he know,
There’s no such thing as the Gruffalo!”

I had great fun writing this verse – why not check out some of the other entries here

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