A Letter from Santa & Reindeer Food Review

We have just received our letter from Father Christmas and I cannot wait to give it to Isaac as it is a perfect way to create the Christmas spirit and I plan on doing it to coincide with the start of advent, to really add to the excitement.

It is really simple to order too – you give Looking Glass Designs the details to fill in and they will send you a special letter in a Christmas red envelope complete with a North Pole Postmark!

The letter is printed on Parchment-coloured Paper and comes in a red envelope addressed to your child. It is delivered to you in a plain plastic shipping bag ready for you to pick the perfect time to give your child the letter, which is fully personalised with their details.

I have also ordered and purchased Reindeer food too, which I think is a fabulous idea.

This Magic Reindeer Food comes in Burlap Sack and is the perfect start to Christmas Eve! Make a path with the reindeer food somewhere around your front or back door (we don’t have a working chimney) to make sure Santa/Father Christmas doesn’t miss your house. 

It comes in a resealable plastic bag, finished in a handmade burlap sack tied with twine. The sack can be stamped with your choice of Snowman, Santa, Reindeer or Christmas Tree. The reindeer food does not contain glitter and can be eaten by the birds, but isn’t suitable for cooking or eating.

What a great new family tradition, and you could even keep the Burlap Sack for next year and refill it yourself!!

To order just the letter click here

To order the letter and Reindeer food click here

To order the Reindeer food on its own click here

I also have an exclusive offer on my blog – simply enter the code CMH10 at the checkout and receive 10% off!

If you hurry, I am also giving some reindeer food and a letter to Santa away here, but the competition ends tomorrow (30th November).

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