Garden Games See-Saw

As a childminder I have learned that even the most robust toys sometimes do not stand the beating they get on a daily basis from the children, or that some children are just not taught to respect other people’s property.  The amount of toys I have thrown away is ridiculous.

When I was asked to review the Garden Games Wooden See-Saw I was excited, as most of the children in my care adore being outside, and this looked strong and sturdy from the outset.

It came flat packed, which mean’t hubby had to put it together.  The instructions are simple and recommend an electric screwdriver, which was not charged so hubby persevered without.

It was hard going, and he soon had a couple of blisters on his hand, so if you do purchase this, I strongly recommend that you also invest in an electric screwdriver too.  We put it together inside, as it was cold and wet outside and were quite surprised by just how big it is!

The screws were all muddles in a fabric packet and would have been better if they had been pre-sorted, however this didn’t take long to sort out.

As you can see the see-saw takes up the entire length of the dining room, but the thing that struck me is just how solid it is.  There is no wobble as the base is wide enough to keep the see-saw stable.  It is also very, very heavy and took two of us to manoeuvre it outside.
The see-saw is recommend from age 3+, as it does go very high.  However, with close supervision we had Eliza on their and she loved it!!  In fact she looks out the window on a daily basis begging to go on the see-saw!

Unlike many garden toys, this see-saw can stay outside all year long, and other than a regular check on the screws needs very little maintenance.

If you are after some good quality garden toys, including playhouses, trampolines, climbing frames and games, I highly recommend Garden Games.  I have my eye on a playhouse for Eliza’s birthday next month!!

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