Where are your manners?

As some of you are aware I am doing a Childcare NVQ3 course.

One of our topics last week was our own personal beliefs about the way we bring up our children and how could affect childcare.

I am not talking about religion, this is how I bring my children up.

For example:


I am not talking about for babies, as even though my own children never had them, I know for some they have their place.

I think my aversion to them started when my friend at the time used to let her daughter have a dummy all the time – just to keep her quiet.  It got so bad that this child had a dummy at school until she was 6!

We don’t have dummies in the house unless it is nap time as I find it impedes conversation, and frankly they don’t need them (and don’t ask for them).  It all started as Eliza used to go around stealing them, and now it is a routine to hand them over straight away.


My children have been brought up to say please and thank you, hold doors open and generally be polite.  I find it totally shocking that some children (and adults) refuse to do this.

I cannot count the amount of times I have had to push through a door backwards dragging a buggy behind me because the person in front of me just pushed on through and let the door spring back in my face, but it is the lack please’s and thank you’s that really bugs me.  How difficult is it really to say?

It isn’t just children either – the supermarket cashier that just says “thats £76.40″………where’s the “please”?  I do find myself saying “please” or “thank you” to finish off a sentence for people, which is often met with a blush.


What has happened to table manners these days?

My pet hate is elbows on the tables and it seems rife!!  I remember my parents literally bellowing at me if I put my elbows on the table or held them out a right angles, so I was nudging the person next to me.  Oh, and holding a knife and fork properly – don’t get me started, it isn’t difficult.

And……….clearing up behind you!  I always expect my older children to take their plates and cups out to the kitchen.  If one of the older kids has a friend to stay, then I expect them to do it too, and the numbers of times I have to tell them to do it astounds me.

It also really bugs me (and the staff I’m sure) in MacDonalds when people don’t clear the table they have just been sat at.  It is easy to do, you simply load your tray and pop the contents in one of the numerous bins provided!

Do you agree – have table manners disappeared, where have please and thank you disappeared to?  What else can you add?

I look forward to reading your comments.

8 thoughts on “Where are your manners?”

  1. Your thoughts are exactly the same as mine! My 2 even lay the table and have to empty there own lunch boxes and re load them ready for me to make sandwiches! Simon and I don’t think it’s much to ask! But I do find it astonishing how many kids we see with no manners!

  2. Oh I am so with you on these, I’ve had to be really strict with dummies as I am sure my daughter has a stash hidden somewhere. I also get my little ones to hand them over when they wake up. As for the general manners, my eldest is a nightmare at times and I have to constantly remind him. My younger two are good at please and thank you.

  3. Totally with you on all of these. Even at 2.5 H knows to say please and thank you. At the moment we are a bit lax on the dummy thing but he has had a huge upheaval over the last week or so which makes me feel guilty for removing his comfort. Though we do stand firm on no dummy in public!


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