Away In A Manger

Isaac’s Christmas Nativity feels quite late in relation to many others, and it feels like I have been looking forward to it forever.

After a little confusion as to what Isaac had been cast as, we finally managed to organise his King costume just in time.

Why they couldn’t get ready before school and come to school in their costumes confounds me, but we followed rules and came to school in uniform and I stayed to get him changed.

You could feel the excitement in the air in the classroom, and left the teachers to try and calm their exuberant charges, whilst we got in an orderly queue for the best seats in the house.

We watched as Years Reception up to Year 2 all piled in in their various costumes, and so we began…….

Isaac is far left at the end!

I managed to get a little recorded footage, but completely missed Isaac’s impromptu ad lib which had the whole audience in stitches – it is the second time he has done this and I wouldn’t be surprised if we found him on stage as a stand-up comedian when he is older, such is his comedic timing!!

The whole nativity was brilliant – although some of the children were hard to hear, but you expect that.  The highlight of the whole performance was the children singing Away in a Manger – I may have shed a tear or two.
I must give a special mention to Eliza too, who sat through the whole performance like a good girl, with some dancing thrown in when they were singing!!

2 thoughts on “Away In A Manger”

  1. Aww bless!! He looks like he made a fantastic King!! I miss nativity plays! They only do them up until the reception class so it was my youngests last one last year….We just have to make do with a carol concert now 🙁

    • It is so disappointing when they stop, but my son’s school do play’s in the summer for the older ones – my elder boy was the Genie in Aladdin last year and it (and he) was brilliant!!


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