Men and Christmas Shopping

I am not sure how many men read my blog, but after speaking to hubby last night it is perfectly clear that he has not even thought about Christmas presents yet!

Sometimes I think men only get married so they have someone to write their Christmas cards, do their Christmas shopping and wrap the presents (OK, that is probably going a bit far, but I know hubby expects me to do the lions share)!

So, Men – if you are looking for a Christmas present for your better half, you have less than a week to find something!  Hopefully you have been listening to the strong subtle hints your lady has been giving you, probably for the last few months, just to make sure that it has registered in your brain and sunk in.

If you haven’t, well, you are almost beyond help.

I find Diamonds always go down well, maybe some perfume too – make her feel like a Princess!

If you insist on buying underwear (no Hubby, if you are reading this, this is NOT a hint), please follow these basic rules!!

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