He’s Behind You!

Yesterday we went to the local Panto!

“Oh no you didn’t!” I hear you cry.

“Oh yes we did!” we reply.

As a Bournemouth local, Chris Jarvis of CBeebies fame always stages our local pantomime and does a fantastic job of it.  This year we were treated to Sue Pollard (Hi-De-Hi), Colin Baker (Dr Who & fresh from the jungle) and Asa Elliott (Benidorm).

We were quite surprised that the theatre wasn’t full, but it was the last day of term for many, and even we had had to rush from school straight down to Bournemouth and only just made it in time!

Pavilion Theatre - Bournemouth - Sleeping Beauty 2012
Isaac waiting patiently for the show to begin
Pavilion Theatre - Bournemouth - Sleeping Beauty 2012
Lights about to go down and two excited children!

The lights dimmed, the music started playing on on flew Fairy Sparkle to introduce the story.  Both Isaac and Eliza were in awe that a fairy was actually flying around the stage (on carefully hidden wires), whilst other fairies were singing and dancing around her.

Next came baby Rose’s Christening where the fairies all gave the baby their magic gifts, with some added modern and local humour that had the adults chuckling away and the BOOM – in came Bad Fairy Carabow (Sue Pollard).  She loved playing up to the audience and had us all Booing and hissing at her antics.

Fast forward 18 years to Princess Rose’s 18th birthday thanks to some Fairy magic and brilliant special effects, we then met Happy Harry (Chris Jarvis).  As you would expect, he had the children eating out of his hand, arriving with Makka Pakka on his Og-Pog.  Lots of CBeebies references kept the little ones happy, which were mixed in with some fantastic impressions and local humour.  When he arrived on the stage for the rest of the show, he shouted “Hiya Gang” to which we had to reply “Hiya Harry” with our thumbs aloft.

Next up we met the King who decided to give us a speech which Harry said was boring, so it then turned into a rap and then Gangnam style, which had Kian bouncing around in his seat.

Next came the grown up Princess Rose and soon after Prince Asa Hearts of Benidorm.  If I am honest, I didn’t really warm to these two and I am not sure if it is because I don’t watch Benidorm, but he kept bursting into random bits of song!

Also up was Nurse Nelly (Colin Baker), whom apart from the I’m a Celebrity jokes that I didn’t get (I didn’t watch it) was absolutely brilliant as Nurse Nelly!!  A proper Pantomime Dame!!

We met Bad Fairy Carabow a few more times and booed and hissed at her trying to get the Princess to prick her finger on the spindle of the spinning wheel, but I don’t feel she was as evil and nasty as she could have been.  Eventually she succeeded and it was time for a much needed break.

I am not sure what happened in the break, but the second half was like a completely different Pantomime.  It picked up speed, we laughed, we shouted, we booed and gasped in amazement at some of the special effects.  It really was fantastic – even Prince Asa Hearts started to grow on me.

However, the real stars of the show were Chris Jarvis and Colin Baker – they really do make a fantastic double act when they are on the stage together and really made the show for me!  I like a proper Pantomime villain and Sue Pollard just didn’t quite do it.

Still, it was a fab family outing and the kids loved it – that’s the main thing!

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    • They are crafty – if you go to the website they only give you individual prices, but if you phone you can get a family ticket which is almost half the price – plus as Eliza was on our laps we didn’t have to pay for her!!

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