It’s Rubbish

Every year I moan!

Every year I complain to the council – but nothing is ever done about it!

Our refuse collections are dire over the Christmas period, a time when most households produce at least twice as much rubbish than they would normally!!

We have a small black bin for normal rubbish, and despite my requests for a larger one they refuse – instead sending me another small one with a chip. We do have a larger blue bin for recycling, but collections are bi-weekly so that’s always full to bursting too.

My last black bin collection was Tuesday 18th December, meaning the next one was due on Christmas Day. Obviously the bin men were off (I’d expect that), but you would have thought the local council would organise a catch up collection – no, they give them all annual leave between Christmas and New Year.

My next collection falls on New Years Day, so guess what – no collection, which means I am going three weeks without one. My porch is filling up already and I am already contemplating stealing hubby’s car and taking a load down the tip, but why should I??

We pay through the nose for our services by way of council tax. Already they have implemented an extra charge for having a green bin too (garden waste) which I really begrudge paying as it was always a free service before.

Both previous years we have had similar issues and collections were cancelled due to snow and ice, which is ridiculous. I know we only have these issues once a year, but it still really really gets my goat!!

Do other people have a similar issue, or is it just me?

8 thoughts on “It’s Rubbish”

  1. I have the same issue as you my only problem is we have a communal area where we put our rubbish, which is far to small anyway, it is piled high already.
    We are also waiting 3 weeks for the bin men. Its disgusting councils can leave it in such a state. Next there will be rats out there, which is dangerous as all the children play in the gardens and again I agree with your point we are paying council tax why should we spend our time and money on fuel going down the tip!

  2. I understand too, we have the same issue ours is communal, not been collected since 13th tho! so its spilling over. Normally the bin is full just with in a week, we have a large bin and a smaller one and then a blue bin, All bins are normally full and there are black bags left on the floor!
    I have heaps of bin bags in my flat as i have had a sort out and chucked heaps out, and then have rubbish and box’s from christmas, which i cant put into the bin! Poole council need to sort something else out!

    Makes it harder when you cant drive! GR

  3. We have the same issue too….Both our bins are full already!! I’ve had to pile bags of rubbish in the shed as there is no where else to put it…It will be stinking in there but at least it’s not in the house…I’ve told my fella when he next puts the bin out he can take the rest of the rubbish and stick it in next doors bin…She’s an old single woman who never has a full bin…hehehe

  4. Dorchester is good actually- we were due Tuesday too, obvs no collection Xmas day, but they just shuffle them along- so ours was due Thursday instead- great! Or it would be if we hadn’t forgotten!! Oops!

  5. Ours just come later, depending on how many days they have missed, so this week instead of Thursday they came today (for recycling stuff) and next week instead of Thursday it will be Friday (for household waste).

    Saying that I took ALL our Christmas rubbish to the dump – refuse place – whatever you call it on Thursday. I went around 3pm and got turned away from the one in our town as it was FULL. Seeing as I had a car (Picasso no less) FULL of rubbish I opted to travel 15 mins away to the next nearest one to get rid of it all.

    I definately think that there should be something done about rubbish and refuse over Christmas.


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