The Promise of Snow

If there is one thing that does annoy me, it is the great British press.

This week the papers (and news) are filled with forecasts of snow.

I do not doubt that some of you will see the white stuff – it is January after all.  In fact I fully expect to see my Instagram feed fill up with pictures of beautiful white landscapes, cute snowmen and even cuter toddlers all wrapped up delighting in their first glimpse of snow.


I know my children will be disappointed……….

  • Chances are we won’t see a flake, or if we do it won’t settle.
  • The kids won’t get a snow day off school.
  • the Sledge will remain locked in the shed, where it does every year
I love the snow and it is the one thing I dislike about living where I do, as we just don’t get it.  When we do, as we did briefly in 2010 it lasted all of two days before turning into sheet ice, which to be quite frank, was a nightmare as I was 8 months pregnant, but I have memories like this:
Isaac and Abbey having a snowball fight - December 2010
The whole area came to a standstill, the rubbish wasn’t collected as the pavements were “slippery”,  I had no fridge freezer as my new one was held up in the chaos, but I did my shopping using this:
Kian and Isaac in the snow, December 2010
And the kids spent hours playing outside (coming in to warm up with a Hot Chocolate every now and then).

Even the “big” ones joined in:

So, I am preparing for the news to be filled with transport delays, tidings of woe and gorgeous snow shots, knowing that my kids will see them and will start asking when we will see snow.
If you get the snow – enjoy it whilst it’s there and think of us stuck with the rain, it really isn’t half as much fun!!

I may be forced to eat my words as we are having new windows put in the last week of January, so it will be sod’s law that we get a decent snowfall then, at the most inconvenient time!

4 thoughts on “The Promise of Snow”

  1. I was about 4-5 months pregnant when we had that last decent bit of snow, and the year before when I was pregnant with Oliver we had a morning with severe black ice and cars were crashing into parked cars on my road!

  2. We’re up in Northumberland and if the weather people forcast snow we usually get it…I like the snow as long as I don’t have to go out in it…Hope we get some 🙂


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