Project 365 – 2 / 52

I had a bit of a nightmare with my collage app this week, and couldn’t find one that would hold seven photographs.

I have put this together and hope that next week I make a better job of it!!


6.  Taking Baby for a walk in her new pram
7.  Big brother must give Dolly a kiss goodnight
8.  First taste of a McFlurry
9.  Goodnight kisses from Isaac
10.  Someone insisted on walking the school run
11.  Important Call
12.  Telling everyone that she has “Peppa Pig”

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 – 2 / 52”

  1. Love the McFlurry photo and the centre one with kisses. is good for web-based collages, if it’s iOS then try Diptic or Picframe (Picframe does labels).

    Thanks for linking up


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