Toy Wars

There are days when working in childcare can be extremely rewarding, and then there are days like today when I want to pack it all in.

It may be because I am working from home, and don’t get to “leave work” but I really have had it up to here!! *points to top of head*

Firstly, there is the constant mess. Food thrown on the floor (or hidden in some cases), craft materials that no matter how contained your try and keep it, ends up everywhere and toys, toys everywhere. You clear up one section and somehow somewhere else gets as bad (or worse) in seconds.

Then there is the wear and tear. I hadn’t really taken into consideration how destructive some children can be. My two year old sofa now has a cushion with a fairly large tear in it that looks like its being picked at, and then there are the toys and books. My new oil cloth table cover is stained with food already and I’ve had poo wiped up the walls of the toilet – yes really!

I have had to move paper books out of reach as I have a phantom book ripper. They only come out at story time!

Then there are the toys. I have lost count of the number I have had to throw away. Either they’re not made like they used to be, or there are some really heavy handed children out there.

Isaac was given the Imaginext Batcave for Christmas and I have already had to hide it away as it has been broken already (not by him). Now it’s the turn of Eliza’s Princess playhouse.

It has a wooden frame and a really heavy duty cover, so I made the mistake of assuming it would be sturdy. Nope – today I have found a massive rip in the roof, and one of the fasteners torn off. Sadly I know it isn’t one of the little ones that has done this.

I only have to turn my back for a millisecond and it feels like something else gets broken and I feel like packing it all in, or it goes missing. I witnessed one blatantly putting some toys in their pocket today!

It is my kids I feel most sorry for as it is their toys that are being wrecked. I just wish I had room to keep everything separate!

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