Harry Potter XBox360 Kinect – Review

If ever there was a game for me, it is this one.  We were sent Harry Potter for Kinect to review over Christmas, but sadly didn’t feel up to it thanks to a nasty bug.

Having now had the opportunity to play it, I can easily say it is a MUST for Harry Potter fans.

Firstly you need the Kinect system for the XBox 360 and plenty of room to wave your wand and jump around.

We have played the movie version, which has dialogue and computer regenerated scenes from the actual films – from selecting your wand, the sorting hat and even being told by Professor Snape that you are good at your spells (or not).

It is a game the whole family can play, and there it is so much fun practicing the spells you see in the film.

Hubby selecting his wand - Harry Potter Kinect

By far one of the funniest part of the game (from a spectator point of view) is trying to defeat the Troll in the toilets as you have to leap out the way of his attacks.

I have always wanted to play Quidditch too and although it isn’t real life, it is great fun you weave around and knock other Quidditch players off their broomsticks and catch the Golden Snitch.

The action replays are also amusing, and Eliza loved watching them back and trying to copy the moves.

Harry Potter Kinect being enjoyed by the smallest member of the family

We have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, and I cannot wait to play some more.  If you are looking to get a bit of exercise on these cold winter nights, whilst having fun at the same time, then this game is for you!!

Now – I am off to practice my Levitation charm – Wingardium Leviosa

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