Now is Good – Film Review

Tessa is 17 and passionate about life.  Diagnosed with a terminal illness, she determines to use every moment, compiling a catalogue of what a normal teenager would experience, including losing her virginity and taking drugs.  With the help of her friend, she sets the list in motion.  Whilst her brother and parents each deals with their fear of losing her in their own way, Tessa explores a whole new world, determined to live everyday as intensely as possible.  Falling in love with Adam, her new neighbour wasn’t on her list, but it proves to be the most exhilarating experience of them all.

I waited until my husband was working late night to watch this film, as I know it isn’t his cup of tea!  I settled the kids into bed and armed myself with some chocolate and a box of tissues.

With the exception of Dakota Fanning I had not heard of any of the other actors in this film before, but I will certainly remember them now.  All the characters are believable and you find yourself willing them on to a happy ending, even though you know it is never going to come.

It is a powerful and emotive film and I found myself smiling as well as crying.  I loved that Tessa was full of attitude and determined to live her remaining life as full as she could.  When asked the question  “What are you doing?” she answers “As much as I can, as fast as I can!”, which sums up the whole film in a sentence.

If you are after a film to watch, with heartfelt meaning then this is for you – just don’t expect hubby to tag along for the ride!

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