The Bear and the Washing Machine

A Washing Machine is just a washing machine……….. right?


There are so many things to think about these days.

  • Is it environmentally friendly?
  • Is it A rated?
  • Is it quiet?
  • Is it fast
  • Will it hold a large load of washing
  • Does it look good?

My washing machine is a real work horse, and is often running at least once per day, if not more.  

I’d be lost without my Washing Machine, but when mine finally gives up, I want one that does this ………..

Samsung’s new Ecobubble range of washing machines is now available to buy online or in retail stores nationwide. They are impressive washing machines that come with extremely environmentally friendly credentials with their Super Eco Wash programme delivering impressive wash results at just 15°C, using 70% less energy than a normal 40°C wash cycle and you can find out all you need to know here.

This post is in association with Samsung Electronics.

2 thoughts on “The Bear and the Washing Machine”

  1. my mum buys a new washing machine sooo often, and she is always complaining about the one she currently has… me on the other hand very rarely think of the washing machine, and had had ours for far too long, then it finally decided enough was enough last year and I was forced to think about a new one!

    • I tend to run mine into the ground and before the current one, did get through them every couple of years. Touch Wood we are 5 years in with no problems on this latest one, but then we did spend a bit more!


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