Kiddycharts – Reward Charts as individual as you!

I was first introduced to @KiddyCharts on twitter and followed Helen for her conversation rather than her product.

Kiddy Charts

I have tried Reward Charts before but never really stuck with them, but decided to try again after Isaac got himself stuck into a routine of getting up at 5am EVERY morning.  It was killing me!

I decided to look into making my own Reward Chart, when I remembered KiddyCharts!

Kiddy Charts

KiddyCharts make it possible to build reward, progress and care plannercharts that are as wonderfully individual as each child they are made for.
Personalise, including photos, and print instantly or use our international delivery option (Free UK delivery)
The KiddyCharts website is incredibly easy to use.  Firstly you need to choose what sort of chart you want.
  • Reward / Behaviour
  • Track based rewards
  • Care Charts
Once you have chosen your desired chart, you add the child’s name and photograph and then get to choose your design.

There is plenty to choose from, for boys and girls.  Pirates, Princesses, Robots, Ballerina’s and many more.  Once you have chosen your theme, you can add up to 5 behaviours.  There are lots to choose from and you can choose to have them as pictures, words or both!

Lastly, you can choose to print yourself, or to have the chart printed and posted to you.  I chose to print myself as I am lucky enough to own a laminator at home.

I chose to just have “Staying in Bed” for Isaac and have his chart stuck above his bed, so he can see his own progress.

Kiddy Charts

Isaac’s Reward is a Skylander at the end of week one and two, and then a Skylander Giant when he completes three weeks.

To key to a Reward Chart is consistency, and the first couple of days there was no change in his behaviour at all.  It was only once he realised that there would be no Skylander if he carried on, that he began to stay in bed longer.

Kiddy Charts

We have teamed his Kiddy Chart with his Gro Clock so it is easy to track his progress (his target get up time is 7am) and he was chuffed to bits on Saturday when he finally earned his first Skylander!

Kiddy Charts
I have been so impressed with the results, that I have made one for Eliza and plan to do another for Isaac!!

Kiddy Charts

KiddyCharts start from just £2.99 for a single chart, but there are discounts for more than one!  For more information, you can find KiddyCharts on Facebook and follow them @KiddyCharts on twitter.

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