The first 20 weeks

I am sat here waiting for my 20 week scan and another GTT and it all seems a little surreal.

I only announced my pregnancy on the blog last week and feel like there is so much I haven’t shared. Perhaps that’s a good thing!!

I have to admit that this time I have experienced horrendous all day sickness that I never experienced so badly with the others and every time I think it has disappeared it comes creeping back.

Looking after children still in nappies certainly doesn’t help as poopy nappy changes make me feel worse!

My skin is terrible too. I suffer from Rosacea anyway but it seems to be 10 x worse and I can’t take antibiotics as I’m pregnant. Everything that used to help just isn’t touching it and I am getting really down about it – bloody hormones.

On a good note, baby is a wriggler and I am starting to feel more positive about the whole pregnancy after all the issues we have had. I am just hoping the scan is all good today and then I can finally relax.

Then we just have to pick names – currently have a huge list with no favourites so I’m sure I will be asking for help in due course!

9 thoughts on “The first 20 weeks”

  1. Congratulations to you 🙂 I’m nearly 15 weeks and had awful sickness up until about 2 weeks ago! Good luck with your scan I’m sure all will be fine xxxx


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