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Sometimes I feel a little outnumbered in our house and I am often ganged up on by the boys (and my husband).  I keep trying to say the numbers are even, but apparently the cats don’t count, and try as I might, they never voice an opinion when it is needed!

That said, I have been blessed with two daughters.  My eldest has moved out of home and I am very proud of her as she has a good job and is doing very well, even though I feel like a broken record telling her to save some of that hard earned money!

One of my favourite photographs of her was taken at her prom, all the way back in 2009 and I hope you all agree she looked beautiful!

Abbey - 2009

Then there is the current youngest member of the household – Eliza aged 2.  She has her brothers, sister and Daddy wrapped around her little finger.  Her current obsession is dancing around the lounge singing “I’m a Little Fairy” in a tutu, fairy wings and with a wand.

I love the fact she adores all things pink and glittery, and I know this will all change soon, so am making the most of it!!

I'm a little Fairy!!

Best of all, I know Eliza will have someone to go to when she is older to talk to about make-up, fashion and god forbid – boys!!
Sister cuddles
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