The Toddler Tantrum vs. The Teen Tantrum

Having both toddlers and teens in my house they display a myriad of behaviours which I am not sure I could list them all.

They do however have one thing in common……


It has really come to a head this half term as I have made plans for fun things for all the children to enjoy, and I know I cannot please everyone all of the time, but I like to try.

So what’s the difference?



Lays on floor, kicking and screaming refusing to do as you ask

Whines through their nose the word “NO, I don’t want to, it’s not fair” constantly

Goes rigid so you are unable to physically put them in their car seat / buggy / trolley etc

Stomps up the stairs and continues stomping in their room, just so you know how annoyed they are

Bangs head on nearest object of furniture

Hits / kicks furniture (and subsequently hurts themselves)
Refuses point blank to do whatever is asked of them

Slams Doors

Runs away from you

Shuts themselves in their room / nearest room and barricades the door so you cannot get in

Is incapable of reasoning with, but you can normally physically remove them from the situation if you have to.

Is incapable of reasoning with and are physically as big, if not bigger than you!

Ignores threats to remove a favourite toy

Swears and answers back

Eventually succumbs to bribery (normally inexpensive)

Refuses point blank to do whatever is asked of them

Threats to remove favourite item (phone, laptop, iPod etc) is met with ambivalence

Eventually succumbs to bribery (normally expensive)

I am sure I have missed quite a few, so go on – make me smile and add yours!!

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