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Last week was the turn of the Girls in The Gallery, so it makes sense that this week the subject is Boys.

I am lucky enough to be the parent of girls and boys and I honestly see a huge difference in trying to parent them.  They each have their own individual personalities, but my boys were much more boisterous as toddlers, than their sisters were.  The jury is still out on the teenage years though!!

Firstly, there is Callan.  Below with his little sister – he is a sleep loving young man who likes fashion, gaming and getting away with doing as little as possible work wise.  He is a nightmare to tell off as he now towers over me but his younger brothers and sister worship the ground he walks on (mostly)!

Eliza and Callan
If Mum won’t carry me, Callan will!!

Then there is Kian.  Another gaming geek, he also likes to sleep like his big brother if given half a chance.  He likes his music and thinks nothing more of playing it full blast so I constantly tell him to turn it down!  You can normally find him bickering or scheming with Callan!

Kian and Daddy
Trying to pick Daddy up!

Then there is Isaac who is, surprise surprise, another gaming geek – inducted by his big brothers.  He is a boisterous, fun loving little boy who desperately tries to do everything his big brothers do.  Isaac is most definitely the comedian of the family and has everyone in stitches regularly and often steals the show given half a chance!

Soldier Isaac

Then there is the newest member of the family.  Yet to display any of his personality for a few months yet, there is one thing for certain – I am outnumbered!!

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  1. Another boy on the way? Congratulations! Glad you say there are differences between boys and girls. Even though I only have two boys and a girl and they have their individual personalities, I am still convinced there are differences between them which are down to gender!


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