The Emotional side of Pregnancy

I am now 23 weeks pregnant and getting bigger everyday.  I am still suffering with morning all day sickness too, which really doesn’t help my mood but I completely forgot about the emotional side of pregnancy.

Yesterday I burst into tears driving into Tesco’s car park whilst having a debate with my husband about our bathroom, which has developed a leaky shower.  We have bodged a repair a couple of times before but cannot afford to replace it (we have just replaced our windows), but it just seems to be one thing after another.  It seems really pathetic now I look back, but I couldn’t control it.

I’m not sure if it is a nesting instinct taking over, wanting everything to be perfect or just my frustration that it is something else we just cannot afford.

Then there was an argument with my teenage daughter.  Now, I don’t know about you, but there just seem to be days when your kids (especially those at that age) are just spoiling for a fight.  Normally I manage to ride it out with the minimum of upset, but that day I just let rip.  I am so fed up of being told they don’t get anything in comparison to their friends, or don’t get treated the same as each other that I couldn’t hold back.

I am normally a fairly laid back kind of person too and it takes quite a lot to get my riled, but now I find myself getting frustrated with the world.  From invoices being paid late (still waiting), to programmes on the TV.

My question is, did your emotions spill over when you were pregnant?  Any amusing stories welcome – they might cheer me up!

2 thoughts on “The Emotional side of Pregnancy”

  1. When I was pregnant I once threw a lettuce across the kitchen because it had a caterpillar in it. The only thing I felt like eating was salad. I swore at it and then sobbed for half an hour. Possibly my best ever tantrum! I also bawled my eyes out when Welard died in Easternders!


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