Almost 40!

I cannot believe that I am fast approaching the grand of age of 40 – when I was a teenager I thought this was positively ancient, but I don’t feel much different to what I did then – perhaps more sensible.

When I look in the mirror I now see similarities to my parents and grandparents and I now understand why some women choose plastic surgery and expensive beauty treatments. 

The wrinkles laughter lines around my eyes are now a permanent fixture.  My once clear skin is prone to rosacea and dry.  Make up irritates it, so I tend to stay away unless I am going out.

I can no longer eat what I like and stay a skinny rake.  Once a size 8-10 I am now a 12-14 and carry most of the weight on my tummy, which no amount of diet and exercise seems to shift!

If money was no object and it was 100% safe, my wishlist would include:

Laser Treatment – to get rid of the redness on my face

An eyelift – to sort out the hoods over my eyes

Liposuction – to get rid of the spare tyre around my middle

Boob job – to right the wrongs of breastfeeding 5 children

That said, my body gave life to 5 beautiful and healthy children.  My wrinkles prove that I have laughed, loved, worried and cried along the way.

Life is too short to deny yourself treats such as chocolate and wine, as long as it is in moderation – the loss of my sister has proven that.

I am going to look in the mirror and make the best of what I do have and maybe get back on the Thinking Slimmer wagon and invest in some spanx and a bloody good bra!!

Roll on 40 – let’s be having ya!!

8 thoughts on “Almost 40!”

  1. I turned 42 this year and I just cant believe how fast the yrs have flown. I still feel 18, shocking. I’ve doubled my size since then, depressing, lol x

  2. I was 40 this year in February. I got very emotional about it but now feel no different.

    Greys are starting to be noticeable though as I do not dye my hair 🙁



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