SplashAbout – Swimwear for little people!

It seems I am raising a family of little swimmers, but then with a surname like ours it is to be expected!

Both Isaac and Kian adore their swimming lessons and I have been keen to book Eliza in to her own for sometime now, but as she is only 2 it means that Daddy or I have to go in with her and as I am a childminder I’ve not been able to find any that fit in with my schedule.

I am pleased to say we have now overcome this problem and Eliza will hopefully be swimming as well as her siblings in no time.

Having done swimming lessons with Isaac as a baby / toddler, I was on the look out for a neoprene wrap, which is basically a baby wetsuit.  Despite being in a baby pool, I have found that little ones still get cold, and these help keep them warm as well as giving them some buoyancy.

On my search I came across Splashabout who specialize in baby swimwear and accessories, and they have the most gorgeous selection in all sizes – even adult!   I had a tough job choosing, but eventually I made my choice.

Splash About

I decided on the Baby Swim Kit which consisted of a neoprene wrap and co-ordinating Happy Nappy which is currently on offer at £30.


The neoprene wrap is easy to put on / take off, even for the most wriggly child as it simply opens up and then you reseal the velcro fasteners.  It also has an SPF50 rating, so is perfect for hot sunny days on the beach or even abroad!

I also decided to get a Nappy Wrap and some liners to go underneath the Happy Nappy, in case of any little accidents!

Splashabout - Nappy Wrap

I am really pleased with my choices and am happy that Eliza is kept warm whilst having fun in the pool and she is really comfy in them too!

Splashabout wrap

Splashabout can also be found on twitter as @SplashAboutUK and why not like them on Facebook for events, lessons and offers.

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