Are you a pramoholic?

It has come to that time where I need to start thinking about baby equipment again.  Thankfully we still have a few bits from Eliza that will be recycled and re-used.

The one thing I want to change more than anything, is the pram.  I don’t know what it is about a pram/pushchair, but it is the one piece of equipment that I don’t seem to be able to stick with the whole time they need it.

When I had Abbey (almost 20 years ago), I was given a pram which had a separate carrycot and seat unit.  I can’t find a picture as they are all stacked away in the loft, but I can remember it was navy blue, with a purple checked design running through it.  By today’s funky models, it was hideous, but it did the job I needed it to.  The style was the same as this one:

Old style pushchair
When Callan came along 4 years later, I was determined to have a new pram.  I couldn’t afford the Mama’s and Papa’s model I really wanted, but ended up buying an ex-display Bebecar model that the seat unit could be made into a carrycot.  It was no good for throwing in a car, but was gorgeous and looked a like this one, although was navy and green

Bebecar coach pram

When Kian came along 3 years later, things had changed dramatically – you could now buy Travel Systems.  This was a genius idea and finally there was no struggling to keep baby asleep whilst you transferred them between the car and the buggy, as the carseat fit on nicely!  What’s more – they came in some funky colours too and we chose a jet black with yellow trim.  Again my pictures are in the loft and this is the closest I could find!

Travel System

There is an 8 year gap between Kian and Isaac and things changed again!  This time, you could put the car seat directly onto the buggy frame, without the need for the seat too.  The colours and choice available for both were huge and searching online opened new avenues.

I chose a Bebecar pram for the second time, purely for colour scheme I might add!  It was a bit big for the car, but we squeezed it in.

Bebecar IconBebecar Icon
When Eliza came along two years later, I decided on a more practical choice.  I had fallen for the charms of the Phil & Teds tandem initially, until a couple of my friends had bad experiences.  I then came across the B-Dual which gave the options of a removable second seat and could accommodate a carseat too.

Britax B-DualBritax B-Dual
The B-Dual has been a real workhorse for me as I didn’t have a car until late last year so we walked everywhere.  It has also been used for my minded children and although it is still going strong, it is showing signs of wear and I still dream of a new one!

Throughout all these prams / pushchairs I have owned strollers too, so the question is, is it just me that is a pramoholic or are you one too?

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