Muddy Puddles

This morning I blogged a response to 50 reasons kids don’t play outside, and by lunchtime I was in clear danger of committing excuses number 4, 12 and 14.

The weather has been dire this weekend and we have seen wind, rain, thunder, hail and even a light sleet shower, but as I said in the above post, that is no excuse!

By lunchtime, the kids were bouncing off the walls and desperate to go outside.  I promised that after lunch we would go to the local park, and we did just that.  Armed with wellies and waterproofs we took the short walk to the park.  

The equipment in our park is dire if I am honest.  We have two baby swings, the worlds smallest climbing frame and a bouncy spring toy for the little ones.  For the older ones, there is a bigger climbing frame, a zip-line and a big bucket swing, which was torched a few weeks ago!  The local kids also campaigned for a BMX track a couple of years ago and they got it and as the weather has been so bad it was abandoned, so we took it over.

The first thing we found were lots of muddy puddles!


Then we did some climbing…..

Natural Childhood
Some balancing………

Natural Childhood
More jumping in Muddy Puddles……

Natural Childhood
We were even joined by some wildlife – our cats Muggles and Scamp!

Natural Childhood
We even took some time to check that spring is definitely on the way!

Natural Childhood

We were out for just over an hour, before we headed home for a warm bath and a change of clothes.

Natural Childhood

I probably don’t recommend getting quite so mucky if you have a long way to go home, but it just proves you don’t have to go far to have some outdoor fun!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “Muddy Puddles”

  1. we love going out in all weathers too (apart from when we are ill which has been our excuse the last fortnight) and as much as inside sometimes i am thinking about the mess on them and their clothes, i have to remind myself that this is why we have showers and washing machines!!!
    mucky is fun!!!! great photos x

  2. Good for you, I know poor weather is off putting, but as you have shown it is only for us grown ups, no complaints from the kids. I know they are not the ones doing the washing afterwards, but hey ho, that’s what washing machines are for! Thanks for linking up and three cheers for project wild thing.

    • It is amazing just how much fun they had with just themselves. The giggles were infectious and for Eliza to actually tell me she didn’t want to go home as she was having fun was perfect!


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