Week 25 and I have stumbled

Well, I have reached week 25 without too many further issues.  I was getting a bit blase about managing my Gestational Diabetes, until this week as I have had three Hypo’s (Hypoglycemia).

A Hypo typically occurs when blood sugar level falls below 3.0mmol/l, although I get symptoms around 3.5mmol/l.  It is a truly awful feeling that makes me feel dizzy, shaky, panicky and driven to find any food that will stop it happening.

I do carry glucose sweets in my handbag and find that 3 or 4 normally do the trick, although it does take about 15 minutes to recover.  On one of these occasions, I couldn’t find my handbag so I ended up eating three Breakaway biscuits one after the other in my panic to feel better.

On two of the occasions, I have a good idea what caused it.  My car went in for an MOT and I had to walk to and from the garage.  It isn’t that far a walk – about 10 minutes at a brisk pace – but I didn’t account for it when I took my insulin dose so I burned my energy a lot quicker than I normally would.

The third occasion, was just a case of not eating when I felt the need to.  My husband works until 8pm on weekdays, so we never eat before 8.30pm and I didn’t want to snack and spoil my meal.  I should have listened to my body!

It’s not the end of the world, I have learned my lesson the hard way and will be much more careful from now on and eat little and often.

Other than that, I feel huge, baby is kicking me in all directions and hubby is coming up with the most bizarre names imaginable!  All is good!

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