Project 365 – 12/52

I am so looking forward to having some decent weather to take some nice outdoor photographs for Project 365 – I am fed up of thick coats and wellies now!

Eliza has been a bit of a pickle with her sleeping this week, wanting cuddles to help her drift off and it soon became clear why when she came out with a heavy cold towards the end of the week.  The irony is, she feel asleep on the lounge floor when the new programme Bedtime Live was on the TV!!

76.  Having fun in Muddy Puddles
77.  Holding hands to fall asleep
78.  Who needs a bed when you have a comfy rug?
79.  Modelling the new Inky the Octopus Paddlepak
80.  Bundle (Daddy is under there somewhere)
81.  Waiting in the hospital for an X-Ray on a suspected broken finger (it wasn’t thankfully)
82.  Soft Play fun

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11 thoughts on “Project 365 – 12/52”

  1. I’m looking forward to better weather too. It’s been difficult to get outside much lately especially as the weekends seem to have been particularly bad weather wise.Glad to hear the finger was a false alarm.

  2. sorry for the bad cold – we have had that here too 🙁
    we were lucky to have some nice weather at the start of the week i hope you get some too. at least you didnt get any snow! love the muddy puddle photo – cant beat splashing in those x


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