The Wild Weather Book – A Review

Having blogged and tweeted a number of times about the benefits of outdoor play, one of the concerns a lot of parents had was “what do we do with the kids”

Although children very often make up their own games, sometimes they just need pointing in the right direction and I have been guilty of doing the same old thing time and time again.

That’s about to change – I have been sent The Wild Weather Book to review which is filled with ideas of what to do outside in rain, wind and snow!! Perfect for this rather cold start to spring!

The book is filled with stunning photographs and numerous fun activities, which are separated into the following chapters:

Rainy Days
After the Rain
Windy Days
Snowy Days
Icy Days

There is even a list of sensible clothing and must haves!!

We went on a puddle hunt the other day and had a whale of a time seeing who made the biggest splash and trying to jump over the puddles and that’s just the beginning – why not make a tower in the middle of the puddle using sticks and stones and then see who can knock it back down again by throwing stones at it or turn water detective and see where the rain goes!

Splashing around

I am disappointed we haven’t had snow like most of the country as making snow creatures and shadows sounds like amazing fun!

There are 72 projects and I am hoping we get to do each one at some point. The projects are easy to follow with full instructions and can be done by all ages (with a bit of help from Mum and Dad). I have to admit I am desperate to make wind streamers and wind socks – why have I not thought of that before? Isaac wants to make a boat and who am I to say no!

All the projects need very basic materials, so the activities don’t require a trip to Hobbycraft thankfully and most are even free!

To order The Wild Weather Book at the special offer price of £7.99 inc p&p (retail price £9.99), your simply call Bookpoint on 01235 400 400 and quote the code 46WWB or you can enter my giveaway here!

If you are serious about getting outside, they also have The Stick Book and Go Wild too!

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  1. That’s a great idea! We have far too many days in recently 🙁 I am so craving some sun! Makes me just wanna have pyjama days every day lol x


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