Cash for clothing – do you get a return?

In this time of economic woe, I am always after something to help bring in that bit of extra money – or save it.

From saving loyalty points to save up for Christmas, to Mystery Shopping and even selling old clothes and toys on eBay, I have tried them all and list some of my favourites on my Mummy Budget Page.
I have noticed a real decline in eBay sales recently, it seems to have gone really out of favour.  I am not sure if it is the cost of listing, or the ever increasing postage costs but things I expected to get a reasonable return for, just don’t!  Even items on Netmums and Gumtree don’t sell either or people expect something for nothing!
I was intrigued to see that Music Magpie offer cash for clothing and having used them before for CD’s and games I thought I would look into it.
Firstly, you need time to do this – especially if you have a lot to list.  It is a fairly long winded process, but as they can’t view the items you are sending, they do need as much detail as possible.  It is mostly done on checklists, where you select the relevant option, e.g. Brand, size, colour, clothing type etc.
Secondly, they don’t take clothing below the age of 2-3 years, which is an issue if you want to sell on baby and toddler clothing.
I tried to list a couple of items of different values and soon realised that whilst you may be able to get a more by selling the clothes yourself individually, it certainly saves on time and effort when compared to sites like eBay.
I notice that the site has a lot of options for designer items, and I think that is how you would make a decent return on clothing.  Postage is free – so you are saving money there.
Don’t be put off looking though – it’s another option to claw back a bit of extra cash and there is no dealing with unscrupulous buyers!!

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