Jolly Journeys

I have really fond memories of going on many road trips with my parents in their Vauxhall Viva when I was tiny and as we lived in Yorkshire and the rest of the family lived in West Sussex they were long trips!

A staple travel game was always I Spy, and we used to play for what felt like hours.  As I got older, things progressed to making up words or names from number plates or spotting letter boxes (not an easy one when you’re on a motorway!)

When my own children came along I found I Spy could be a challenge – mainly because they would come out with the obscurest of letters, or even letters that had no resemblance at all to what we were trying to guess.

This lead to the invention of Yellow Car!

Yellow car
With super simple rules, it is easy to play.  Simply shout “Yellow Car” when you spot a yellow car and the one who spots the most wins.  Cars can only be “spotted” once to make it fair, but beware – it gets ultra competitive.

Now, this has moved up a gear as the kids have got older to……

Beetle Flick – The person that spots a beetle gets to “flick” another passenger

Mini Beats – The person that spots the Mini can give a “gentle punch” to another passenger

Porsche Pinch – The person that spots the Porsche can give a “gentle pinch” to another passenger

Whilst these are all quite amusing, it can get quite feisty – especially with teens involved, so it is best kept for younger ones and the fact that Mini’s and Beetle’s are now very popular cars can mean that you are battered and bruised by the time you reach your destination!

I have to admit that the invention of “In-car entertainment” has been a revelation and if we do have a very long trip, we do make sure that we have at least one film on the iPad and Justin’s album ready to play, but if you really want to have fun then challenge the passengers to a game of Yellow car – you will have a great time, it’s guaranteed!

This is my entry to the Tots100 and Travel SuperMarket Jolly Journey’s Competition and for more tips on how to keep your little ones entertained, head over to Travel SuperMarket where you can see the top tips and learn about cheap car hire in the UK!!

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