Everything’s Rosie – Bubble Trouble

We were sent Everything’s Rosie – Bubble Trouble DVD to review, just in time for the Easter holidays.

Eliza has been a big fan of Rosie since she was a baby, which I think was mainly due to the bright colours initially, but she now enjoys the stories and often tells me about what has happened.  At two, I don’t think she understands the lessons they give yet, but each episode certainly keeps her enthralled and I do like that each one has a moral to it.

Her favourite characters are Rosie and Raggles and I have to admit that I like the slightly grumpy Oakley.

Their are 13 new episodes on the DVD which all feature the loveable characters and at almost two and a half hours long – it is certainly good value for money!

1. How to Give Away your Toys and Keep Them
2. Never Play Tennis With An Egg
3. Let’s All Go to the Fluffy Bug Ball
4. Big Bear’s Little Café
5. Bubble Trouble
6. Holly to the Rescue
7. Follow that Cloud
8. The Flying Featherettes
9. Big Bear in a Spin
10. The Time Travelling Tree
11. Raggles’ Stupendous Breakfast Treat
12. The Art of Rubbish
13. Pirate Treasure

Eliza won’t sit through the DVD all the way through – it is too long, but it is certainly good to pick up and play whenever you want a fix of the bright and cosy world of Everything’s Rosie, plus it is a great DVD to put on to wind them down for bedtime.


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  1. My two are huge fans of Rosie now. The theme tune is forever in my head, but at least it makes a change from Fireman Sam. I do like the fact we have some girly TV at last rather than all boys stuff. Might be purchasing DVD if we can’t get virgin on demand when we “move”


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