Skylanders Giants at Easter

My boys were sent a Skylanders Giants Easter Egg for Easter, but this was no normal Easter Egg – it was one that you decorate and it came with a message:

We’re hoping you can help us on our mission to protect the Skylands’ treasured Easter Eggs from the evil Kaos, who is trying to hunt them down as part of his wicked plan.  We know you love Skylands as much as we do so have chosen you to take charge and guard over one of these eggs – we really hope you can help!

Also in the pack was some design ideas, the paint and a Skylanders Giants Mug, which Kian kindly made me a cup of tea in, much to Isaac’s disgust!

It made the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves – Isaac did use the box as a Robot helmet for the rest of the afternoon too!

Isaac helped with the base coat, but Kian finished off the finer artwork.  

On one side we have – Stealth Elf!

Stealth Elf
On the other we have – Pop Fizz

Pop Fizz
When asked if this egg was better than chocolate both agreed, so thank you Skylanders – the boys loved their Easter gift and we promise to look after it well!

Skylanders Giants
I promise I’ll look after it!

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  1. Me and Aaron never do craft together so I am really intrigued by this. Looks absolutely awesome and a LOT of fun xx


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