Is Staying in the new Going Out?

Gone are the days of clubbing or going out for a quiet drink, even going out for a meal is a challenge when you have young children.

By the time you have paid for a babysitter, a taxi and your night out you don’t get much change back from £100 these days plus, if your kids are anything like mine, they possess the “Mummy is going out Radar” which means that they play up, won’t go to bed and generally try everything they can to stress you out.

That is why staying in is perfect night these days, and it is even better if you invite friends round to share it, which is what we did over Easter.

Now, I don’t believe in stressing myself out by cooking something really complicated so I stuck to a dish that is fairly simple – Steak with Chilli Chips and a side salad.  Oh, and some Peppercorn sauce for added measure.

Whilst it is a simple dish, it is a little more complicated when faced with differing ways everyone wants their steak cooked, so I ended up doing them seperately!

The salad was easier – I simply threw it all together in a bowl, stirred in some homemade dressing and let them help themselves!

The meal was delicious and everyone enjoyed it thankfully, which was helped by a dessert of Profiteroles with lashings of melted chocolate and whipped cream.  (Well I had to be a bit more sparse with mine sadly because of my GD)

I was a bit disappointed that everyone else could wash their meal down with a couple of bottles glasses of wine, but it won’t be long before I can treat myself again!

I have to admit that normally we then have a giggle and embarrass ourselves with some XBox Kinect games, but on this occasion we let dinner go down calmly and sat and watched a good film!

So what is your perfect night in?

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