But Mum – we never do ANYTHING!!

How many times do you here the phrase “We never do anything!!”

We seem to get it every school holiday at least and even some weekends and it really frustrates me.

It’s not the little ones, it’s the older ones – the ones that throw a wobbly when you decide to go out because they don’t want to come!

I have a large age gap between my children and I understand that some of the activities are too young for the older ones, but at the same time, they are always the ones that have the most fun when we are out. They are big enough to climb trees, explore further out of sight from Mum and even disappear off on their own for a bit.

I used to love it when my kids got homework in the holidays, with the challenge to write a diary of what they did. We may not have done something exciting every day, but it proved that we went out and had fun and much as they hated doing the homework – they certainly enjoyed showing their friends all the adventures they had!!

This Easter holiday was no exception and if I am honest I may have had firm words with certain young people because we have done so much that I am physically exhausted!

I love having a blog too – because I can prove it and most of our adventures are here in all their glory!!

So just to prove that we did fun stuff for big kids too!!

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