How hard is it to buy a Birthday Card?

It should be easy!!



Now, I am not being too fussy but seeing as we are on holiday in Disney for Isaac’s 5th Birthday I wanted a Disney card WITH a badge!

I am not fussed which Disney character, Isaac likes most of the films, although I think a Disney princess one is a stretch too far.

Firstly I looked online – Moonpig, Funky Pigeon and the Dogs Doodah’s – they don’t sell cards with badges, or badges separately?

As we were going shopping today, at our local shopping centre, we thought we would try Asda, Sainsburys, M&S and Clinton’s but not one of them had an age 5 card with a badge!! Clintons sell badges separately but had NO age 5!!

We found Toy Story cards with badges for age 4 and 6, but no 5. Cars had ages 3 and 4 but, you guessed it – no age 5!

Next we tried Tesco – nothing!!

I tweeted my frustration and Toys R Us was suggested………great idea I thought and we headed on over as its not too far from home.

It seems that they’ve cut there selection and even they didn’t have any. Age 6, in abundance but NO AGE 5!

By now I was really annoyed – out of 6 shops (one of them a card specialist) I couldn’t find a single card with a badge – never mind a Disney one!

Next stop was The Range – now they normally have everything, but even they didn’t have one.  They did have a 5 badge however, but it was one of those silly ones without a pin, just the plastic bit at the back…….they are pointless (literally).

Next door to The Range is Matalan.  Not the first place you would go to buy a card, but from memory they did have quite a substantial party section and sold birthday cards in there………..guess what………not anymore!  The whole section had been discontinued!

I really couldn’t face traipsing into town so again I looked online.  I found a badge with a pin and at 99p I thought that was reasonable, until I went to pay for the order – £2.50 for postage!! FOR A SMALL BADGE!!

Do you know where I got one in the end?


Wish I had gone there in the beginning.

12 thoughts on “How hard is it to buy a Birthday Card?”

  1. Had to snigger at your ‘pointless’ pun. Those badges ARE pathetic.

    I feel your frustration though. We have no end of card shops around here but when you’re looking for something specific it doesn’t seem to exist!

  2. Aagh! I find this every time. Whatever number you want has disappeared off the face of the earth. And don’t get me started on cards for older boys – if they don’t like TV characters it’s all jokes about untidy bedrooms which is not nice for your own son’s birthday!

  3. This always happen to me! I love to find cards for people that I know they’ll love but I really struggle. Luckily, my OH’s stepmum owns a card shop and often takes trips to the wholesalers so I’ll send her with a list 😉

  4. Always have this problem with age cards. Also had a problem the other day buying an uncle card from my son to my 8 year old brother. All the uncle cards were aimed at adults… wake up Card Makers… Uncles can be children as well!!!!

  5. Whatever I’m looking for I can find it in any age except the one I want! But I have noticed that cards with badges are not as prolific as they used to be. Time was when all kids got excited over a badge, now it has to be a Darth Vader badge of Buzz Lightyear or it’s not worth it 😉


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