Shake It Up – The Album

We tend to have one of four channels on in this house.  CBeebies and Nick Jr for the little ones and Disney and Cartoonito for Kian.

One of Kian’s favourite shows is Shake it Up on the Disney Channel – a sitcom which follows the adventures of CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky Blue (Zendaya) who are background dancers on a fictional local show, Shake it Up Chicago.

I have to admit to sitting down and watching it a few times with him and I quite enjoy the mix of comedy and dance too!

I was sent Shake It Up I <3 Dance is the soundtrack from Disney Channel’s series Shake It Upto review and it features 17 hit tracks from Zendaya, Bella Thorne, Bridgit Mendler, Coco Jones. There is also a special remix of the theme song performed by Selena Gomez.

The tracklist is:

1. “Contagious Love” — Zendaya and Bella
2. “This Is My Dance Floor” —  Zendaya and Bella
3. “Beat of My Drum” — Zendaya
4. “Blow the System” — Bella
5. “Afterparty” — Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine
6. “Holla at the DJ” (The DJ Mike D Remix) — Coco Jones
7. “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” — Olivia Holt
8. “Sharp as a Razor” — McClain Sisters
9. “Future Sounds Like Us” — Dove Cameron
10. “I Can Do Better” — Young LA
11. “Shake It Up Theme Song” (Cole Plante Reboot Remix) — Selena Gomez
12. “We’re Dancing” (Alex Ghenea 3.0 Remix) — Bridgit Mendler

13.  “I’m Back” – Zendaya
14.  “Get Your Head in the Game” – Bella Thorne
15.  “Freaky Freakend” – Coco Jones
16.  “I Do” – Drew Seeley
17.  “Law of Averages” – Nevermind

The album was a permanent feature in our car over the school holidays and although the little ones prefer Justin Fletcher it was quite nice to have a change and I was more than happy for them to listen to this as it had no offensive song lyrics or song meaning and mean’t that Kian could have music in the car that he liked too!

Kian did enjoy the album, although at 12 he does prefer his chart music now!  The real lovers of this album were the girls I look after aged 7 & 8 and my 9 year old God-Daughter.  This album was their idea of heaven and they insisted it came in the house so they could perform a dance-off and make up their own routines!

If your children like Disney’s Shake It Up, they will love this album and there is no vetting required before hand to make sure there are no “dodgy lyrics”.  All the songs have a dance vibe to them and wouldn’t sound out of place in the charts either, so all in all it is a thumbs up from us!!

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