Transform your old Trampoline with Replacement Pads

We finally made it into the garden this week to get out the kids garden toys, clean them up and replace the bits that were worn or broken.

One item that had suffered the most was our poor old trampoline.  We have had it for 4 years, and it was second hand then.  Whilst the basic structure is sound, the pads were starting to get torn and shabby.

Back at the beginning of the year, the lovely people at Garden Games sent me a new Trampoline Pad to review, but with the weather being so atrocious we haven’t ventured into the garden until now and I was dreading replacing the old pads as I though it would be hard.

It wasn’t!!

We could leave the netting and the poles in place, just unhook it from the attachments underneath the padding.

We unclipped the old padding and simply removed it ready for the new one to go on.

Garden Games

It was so easy – we simply lined up the new Sky High Replacement Trampoline Pads over the springs and then fastened them to the frame and it was done!

Garden Games

The Sky High 8ft Trampoline Pads (they also come in 10ft, 12ft, 13ft and 14ft sizes) are designed to fit most brands of round trampoline on the market (all those which had pads in the first place). The design of these trampoline pads is not only more durable than what you would find on your average trampoline, but UV resistant too. The foam used in these trampoline pads is cut into solid, equal blocks which mean no lumps and bumps.The material is made from a soft touch PVC material that is not only kind on the skin, but looks good for years to come.  It is noticeably thicker than what we had before and has a long skirt too.

Technical Specs:

  • 30mm Thick Padding: –The closed cell memory foam gives the ultimate protection while covering your trampoline frame by having a high absorption impact rate.
  • Memory Technology: -Designed using a memory effect system the trampoline pads retain their shape to maximise safety at all times.
  • Tough PVC-These trampoline pads are water resistant and hard wearing in all weathers. They are designed to withstand the elements and do not crack or fade in the sunlight.
  • Large Skirt Design:-All our trampoline pads are designed with a large outer skirt that covers the frame and springs more than adequately on all brands of trampoline. This means that the children don’t get their fingers by the springs and no contact with the frame itself.
  • Elasticated Toggle Straps: -All the trampoline pads come with elasticated ties to ensure that they are secured to the trampoline frame at all times. The trampoline toggles are secured to the trampoline frame through a secured toggle attachment system on the under side of the trampoline pad.
  • 2 Year Warranty:-Skyhigh Trampoline Brands proudly carry a 2 year warranty on their trampoline pad range. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects and not general usage.

    And then we were ready to test it out – I think it passed!

    Garden Games

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