32 Week Consultant Appointment

Today was the appointment from hell!! Not because anything bad happened but because they were running over an hour late and trying to entertain a toddler in a hospital waiting room with minimal toys is quite frankly a nightmare.

After an hour, we had exhausted the toy selection and my snack supply before they decided that they might as well get my Anti-D injection over with first, instead of leaving it until last.

I need this injection as my blood type is Rhesus- and hubby’s is Rhesus+ and my blood could try and attack the baby if he is Rh+.

For me this is one of the worse parts of pregnancy. I don’t mind the blood tests, being poked and prodded but this injection bloody hurts!! I tried to be brave as Eliza was in the room but I couldn’t help but wince and felt tears springing into my eyes.  Thankfully it was over relatively quickly and they took my mind off it by doing my blood pressure, which is thankfully low, and my weight – I have lost 1kg.

Finally, after an hour and a half it was scan time.  I had a different sonographer this time and I was convinced he was going to refuse to do it as he made a comment about no adult being there to look after Eliza, but thankfully strapping her into her buggy seemed to pacify him.

After lots of huffing and puffing whilst he checked baby’s measurements, he disappeared off to go and chart his findings, leaving me on the bed to stew.  He came back in and said I had a lot of fluid (I knew this as am measuring 3cm bigger than I should be) and needed to re-check his findings.  A bit more huffing and puffing later and he was finished.

Whilst I waited to see the consultant, I saw the dietitian who was happy with my readings.  I just need to up my insulin dose at dinner time and as my pregnancy progresses I can see a real upturn in my needs.

My consultant was also happy with my progress.  I have an actual induction date now – all booked in, so the end is in sight.  I won’t get my hopes up that it happens that day though, as if they are busy then I will end up hanging around until a delivery room becomes free.

As for my amnitotic fluid levels – I am on the cusp of the highest level they consider normal, so it is another reason for them to keep a close eye on me and I am booked in for another scan in two weeks.  Baby is following the 50th centile for growth and has a large tummy (90th centile), but that is normal for Gestational Diabetes and I just have to keep up the healthy eating to make sure there are no sudden growth spurts!


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  1. They make me so angry those sonographers, you know my horror story. I can’t believe you have an induction date, I am actually a little jealous as I am getting quite worried about labour, our little boy is measuring 2 weeks over, I have only ever had small babies so really unsure of what to expect.
    Glad your levels are all good though, you have done so well xxx


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